"Engrossing . . . STRAY CITY makes an expansive canvas, diverse and colorful, for a vibrant portrait of a woman coming into her own, in a city also coming into its own, brimming with music, art and beauty. Johnson's debut is a thoughtful and joyous literary experience, one that celebrates its characters and liberally rewards its readers." —The New York Times

"Radically funny and truly insightful, Johnson's debut novel, about a lesbian who finds herself pregnant after an ill-conceived one-night stand with a man, is a brilliant emotional roller coaster of a book, exploring what it means to create and sustain a family, and the difficulties of loving people—including yourself." —Nylon 

"Johnson's writing is very funny yet emotionally tender, and ultimately is a heartwarming celebration of found families and our desire to belong." —BuzzFeed

"This novel has everything: the circa-'99 lesbian indie-rock scene! Zines! Answering machines! . . . Our '90s nostalgia is hella high these days, and this tender, funny story made our aging hipster hearts sing." —Samantha Irby, Marie Claire

"A propulsive, compassionate, hilarious novel about coming of age at the fraught intersections of Midwestern family norms, punk rock community, and LGBTQ politics." —Leni Zumas, Tin House

"This is a richly satisfying read, with so many lines worthy of underlining. Johnson... brings both time-tested storytelling and 21st- century originality to her work." —The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“Spanning several eras, up to Andy’s present day, this is a coming-out and coming-of-age story; a surprise-I’m pregnant story; a will- they-or-won’t-they love story; and an ode to a time and place we think we’ve heard everything about—and it’s all utterly fresh. Portraying Portland and Andy’s chosen family with feeling and immense charm, Johnson paints Andy’s love—for her kid, her city, herself, and others—in all its thorny nuance and surprising glory.” —Booklist, starred review

“[A] gritty, lively exploration of gay life in Portland.” —Entertainment Weekly

"A lively first novel." —O, The Oprah Magazine

“Both an ode to and critique of the modern American family.” —Harper’s Bazaar

"This heartwarming debut novel from Johnson touches on the divide between the family that is given to us and the families we choose." —Real Simple

"The queer anti-Gilmore Girls you didn’t know you needed. . . . . [A] warm, hysterical story." —The Washington Blade

"[Johnson] dive[s] head-first into the hearts and minds of some truly unforgettable characters. If you love a book that draws you in with masterful language and deep understanding of the human spirit, you're certainly in luck.” —Bustle

“Stray City is an incredibly touching debut novel that gets at the age-old question we’re all navigating: How do we understand the concept of ‘home?’” –Bitch

“A charming exploration of identity, and a wonderful homage to Portland’s scrappy, punk past.” —LitHub

“An engaging, immersive saga of family, chosen and otherwise.” —HuffPost

“A humorous and heartfelt exploration of sexual identity and unconventional families.” –The Millions

"Stray City brings an original angle to the trope of exploring the family you’re born into and the family that you choose. More than a coming-out novel (though it’s that, too), this debut is an insightful and entertaining love letter to the LGBTQ community." —Bookpage