"You and Your Healthy Libido" appeared in the spring 2016 issue of Ninth Letter

"Between Ship and Ice" appeared in One Story.

"Escape and Reverse" is a Ploughshares Solo. You can find it as a standalone or in the Ploughshares Solos Omnibus

"The Ice House" appeared in the mighty little queer lit journal Gertrude.

"Pinhead, Moonhead," the first story I ever published, came out in Ploughshares and appeared on NPR's Selected Shorts, read by Cynthia Nixon. 

"Devices" appeared in the journal Avery Anthology (edited then by Emma Straub), which is no longer with us but had a fantastic run. 


"Queer Scenes," part craft essay and part personal essay, appears in Out Magazine.

"Writing Home," about Minnesota, Oregon, and the necessary pain of leaving a place you love in order to write about it, for Powell's Books. 

Over at Hilobrow, I've written about a lost notebook for the Lost Objects series, the Swedish tween punk geniuses in Vi Är Bäst! for the #SQUADGOALS series, Team Dresch's 1995 album Personal Best for the Wowee Zowee! series, and the amazing monotremes (the original was three times as long, I could really go on and on about these), plus contributed a card to the Hermenautic Tarot.

"Silhouettes," about shooting a gun for the first time, in The Rumpus.

"Take Flight" at Airplane Reading, now collected in a handsome flight-friendly anthology from Zero Books.

A short lyric essay called "Feral Roads," co-written with Kara Thompson, appears in Leaf Litter, the annual art and lit journal from Signal Fire.

An in-depth interview with Eileen Myles in The Rumpus.

"Variable Rewards," an essay about an unexpected catcall and queer awakening, appeared in the art and literature anthology Qs. 

I wrote the chapter "Rock Out," sharing what I learned from many summers volunteering for the Rock'n'Roll Camp for Girls, for the great kids' book Unbored